AddOns smart calculator for ArchiCAD

LabPP_Calc - proven solution for quick and easy calculations in ArchiCAD.

Here You can download the distribution for your version of ArchiCAD.

Distribution ArchiCAD vertion Language    
LabPP_CalcT_AC16_x32_INT v16 win x32 int Download downloaded 2326
LabPP_CalcT_AC16_x32_RUS v16 win x32 rus Download downloaded 2587
LabPP_CalcT_AC16_x64_INT v16 win x64 int Download downloaded 1948
LabPP_CalcT_AC16_x64_RUS v16 win x64 rus Download downloaded 2518
LabPP_CalcT_AC17_x64_INT v17 win x64 int Download downloaded 2310
LabPP_CalcT_AC17_x64_RUS v17 win x64 rus Download downloaded 2195
LabPP_CalcT_AC18_x64_INT v18 win x64 int Download downloaded 1852
LabPP_CalcT_AC18_x64_RUS v18 win x64 rus Download downloaded 2628

All distributions staffed temporary (demo) keys. So You can work in full mode.

Permanent keys will be sent via email after payment.

Delivery in other languages.

For regular users there is a 25% discount on upgrades.

AddOns summarizes the volumes, the volumes without openings, square, square, no cuts, lengths of polylines, arcs and more for heterogeneous objects.

For example, for the walls in addition to the object "Wall" convenient to use "Morph", "Mesh" and others.

But how to calculate the amount of material?

Comes to the aid of AddOns LabPP_Calc.

Now you just need to select all objects that make up the wall and press the button "calculate".

And if You have a large object, it is not necessary to write the results on a piece of paper.

In LabPP_Calc You one button to drop the number into the current cell of the spreadsheet.  Supported Excel or OpenOffice. The numbers immediately to comment.

This makes AddOns LabPP_Calc an indispensable tool in the work with ArchiCAD.

How fast to get the full version LabPP_Calc:

1. Pay $35 any convenient way:

- Throught the Yandex.Money

- by WebMoney the number of purse Z152926638100.

- by Yandex.Money into account 410011599978329 .

- through QIWI purse 9202643555 .

2. Report the payment by e-mail to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Can be duplicated on the phone +7 (920) 734-38-67.

3. In response to Your letter will be sent to the key file LabPP_Calc for Your chosen version of ArchiCAD.

Here You can order the development of AddOns for their own tasks.

For more information please contact our the Manager of the thematic areas of the software.